Welcome to the pale blue dot! Thanks for stopping by!

I started this blog for several reasons.

First of all, I need a project to work on—something, anything—just to keep busy. I graduated this past May with a Bachelor of Arts in English and I’m still working on gaining employment. I figured I might as well put my degree to some use between filling out applications and going to interviews. It has the added bonus of keeping my fingers busy so I don’t pull my hair out waiting for someone to call me back. So, here we are.

Second, I believe scientific literacy to be vitally important, not just in some abstract sense, but for the future survival of human beings as a species. Because of this, I want to contribute to and engage in the conversation of science. While I studied English during my undergraduate career, I did a lot of side reading on evolutionary biologycosmology, and other sciences. It has become a passion, one that I hope to integrate into my future career in some form or other. But hey, we’ll see about that. At times then, this blog will present interesting scientific discoveries and achievements (and probably some beautiful pictures of stars too).

There are plenty of interesting topics on the periphery of science as well, somewhat indirectly related. That is why you’ll also find some book and film reviews, perhaps a bit of literary theory, or discussions on social or environmental policy.

To kick this off, here is a list of a few fun resources for those interested in science or thought-provoking stuff:

That’s all for the moment! I look forward to future posts!


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